What is Google Ads?What is it for?

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As its name says, Google Ads it is the advertising tool of the search engine most used in the world: Google. It is a tool with great potential in which allows you to make sponsored ads on the search engine, to get increased traffic to a website. It is a critical part of marketing for any venture.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads works for any company or person, is to say that anyone can take advantage of the reach that owns Google, to market through their ads.

It is possible to place ads:

✅ The results of Google in the search.

✅ Or in some web sites from display, to increase the presence in the network.

In this way, Google Ads allows you to do SEM (Search Engine Marketing), showing ads to users browsing by Google.

We are confident that you've ever seen any of these ads. For example, if you made a search through Google, most of the times, the first results that appear are ads created through the platform Google Ads.

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Locations of Google ads

Google Ads place ads in different parts of the screen. For this reason, you'll be able to see on the right or in the middle of the results, both on your mobile as on desktop.

You can also see them on the bottom of the search.

How does Google Ads?

Such a simple and super summary, you have to tell Google the key words for which you interested to appear in Google. Then it is very important that you know those keywords that relate to your venture or business.

Keep in mind that users turn to Google for answers and solutions, that's why the search engine will show you ads that better meet the expectations of the users and that are consistent with the search, which they did.

You must make a keyword research to improve those key words that you think best go with your venture. Quiet that you can modify your advertisement on Google Ads at any time, is to say that as you are going to receive the statistics, you have to analyze and optimize your ad.

How do I make an announcement?

First of all, you need to create your account Google Ads.

Once you've created your account Google Ads, you need to create a advertising campaign. To do this, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Select the objective of your campaign.
  2. Define your target audience and segmentation.
  3. Set up your budget and type of offer.
  4. Create your own ads and choose keywords.
  5. Sets the location, language and time on which you want to display your ads.
  6. Review and publish your campaign.

Remember to perform a follow-up and analysis of your stats will let you optimize your ads and improve your performance.

Tips for your Google ads Ads

We leave some tips so that your ads show up on Google searches.

☑️ Choose good keywords

Google has a tool called planner key words (keyword planner), use it for your campaigns in Google Ads. There you can see the key words and an estimate of the traffic of each of them.

☑️ Keep in mind the Quality Score

This is an index that assesses the quality of the ads that are created in Google Ads. Helps you know if your campaigns are good on the basis of 3 factors:

  • Quality of the landing page of the ad
  • Relevance of your ads and keywords
  • Ad performance

☑️ Identify your target audience

It is important for segmentation, because you want your ad to reach the right people. So please always present to those who you want to address.

☑️ Follow the results of your campaign and optimizala

You should be aware of the statistics that receive through Google Ads. Interprets these results and identifies that it is working and which are not, to focus on optimizing what works poorly.

Why use Google Ads in my venture?

Unlike ads on other social networks, such as Instagram or Facebook, users who visit a web site via Google ads, you have a 50% more likely to buy.

In addition, people has 4 times more likely to click on a Google ad (63%) than any other ad network.

We know that it is a complex task if you do not have a knowledge in digital marketing, as the tool Google has a strong potential but is not friendly to use. However, there are tools such as the Spicytool, where, it does not need to have technical knowledge in order to create an ads effective and produce good results.

Through Artificial Intelligence, the Spicytool performs all of the tasks for you, making you get better results and reach your target audience. In addition, you do not need to be aware of to optimize the campaign, because the AI will monitor the results and improving what is necessary.

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